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Removing shoes
Watch your head!!
Taking shower
How to eat rice
Do you like slippers


If your friend says she/he is living at a mansion,
There is no private swimming pool, private tennis court etc.
you need to think that it means hierarchy apartment/condominium
Anyhow we call this building as a mansion.

You can't expect a private swimming pool!

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Here is an explanation of Japanese rest room.
There are two types of stool in Japan.

This is an old Japanese type.

My kid calls it as slipper toilet.. There is no seat on the bowl.
You need to bend your knee as deep as possible. Then try to do your best.
Another is the type which you are familiar with. Anyhow we call it as "Western Style Toilet".
You may see a following sign in public toilet.
When you visit Japanese house, old house may have only old Japanese style stool
"Minshuku", kind of inexpensive family operated lodge at private house
normally does have only Japanese style stool
You had better to ask them if they have Western style toilet on reservation

Many new houses have "Western Style Toilet".

High Technology Toilet!!

This is a new scary buttons for a foreigner.

This is an example of its control panel.

Flush, Bidet, Blow Dryer, Bottom Washer are operated by Button.

Do you know which one is which?

Left button is "STOP". Remember it!

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Removing shoes

In Japan, there is a custom to remove the shoes
when you enter the entrance.
There is a step in the entrance hall.
Please take off your shoes before stepping up.

When you look around inside of the entrance
you can find other shoes around. That's the spot to take them off


If you have a chance to take off your shoes to visit your friend's house, your sock may have a hole.

Please check your socks before you go out from your hotel.


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Watch you head!!!!

If you are tall, you had better to watch you head always.
Since normal Japanese is not so tall,
doors in everywhere are designed for short Japanese.

You may hit your head hardly.

Especially inside of house.

Take shower

There are two "don't"s regarding the bath.
Do not drain the hot water after your usage!
Do not wash your body in the tub.
Japanese bath has a deep bath tub and washing space.
You can dip your body in it.
We shares same hot water for a night.
So please wash your body and legs before getting into the hot tub.
Wash your body at the washing space.
They may not equip the shower.
In that case use Faucet to bowl.
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How to eat rice with a Chawan

Chawan is a bowl for rice.
Normally we hold this bowl always on left hand.
Rice is sticky but still difficult to bring it to your mouth.
So hold your chawan just in front of your mouth and bring it.
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You already have seen the chopsticks somewhere.
It is one of prestigious status symbol to
manipulate the chopsticks very well.
Please refer the following pictures and seem to be a intelligent person.
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Do you like to put on a pair of mules?

The rooms aren't heated sometimes.

We put a pair of scuffles on our feet to keep our feet warm.

We normally offer the guests to put them on.
If you are not used to put them on, you can tell them you don't like them.
Just your socks become dirty.
You could save your life to avoid slipping down on your head.
Or you could keep your face to avoid kicking off your scuffles.

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Sleeping in Japanese house

Tatami is a mattres made of strows.
You can see the Tatami matres.
Many Japanese are now using a bed to sleep.
But Futon is still popular to sleep in stead of bed.
Futon is spreaded to Tatami directly.
When you stay at Minshuku, you will see this .


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