Most Useful and Most Practical Travel Tips in Japan


For smokers visit Japan

Smokers’ surroundings Smokers’ surroundings are in a difficult situation more and more. Tax free Tax free tobacco Until 30st September 2021, 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars 20 individual packages of Heat-not-Burn tobacco or 500g of other tobacco products are  allowed…

Smoking tips and manners

Smoking tips and manners
Smoking tips and manners

Regarding tobacco, the situation in Japan has changed significantly. This time, I tried to summarize it a little. If you smoke, please be careful during travelling. Situation Japanese office had been lawless society concerning smoking. Even in front of the…

Nadai Fuji Soba

“Nadai Fuji Soba”, a buckwheat noodle restaurant, is popular with overseas visitors to Japan.   As people are saying they are friendly for foreigners, there is also a menu of English. Amazing!!! For buckwheat and of course, you must buy…