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Personalized ink for yourself

There are many people in the world who are into various kinds of things. They are called “Otaku” in Japan.

As everything around us becomes more and more digital, there are fewer and fewer people who are particular about the writing tools they use.

However, it is said that once you experience the taste of the real thing, you will never go back to other things.

Such authentic tools include carpentry tools, kitchen utensils, and writing instruments, especially fountain pens.

As for kitchen utensils, I have already reported that you can find most of them at Kappabashi.

We are sure you can make simple ink with less money.

The famous Daiso 100-yen store has a 5-pack ink mixing set that allows you to mix your own ink at a reasonable price.

The colors are transparent, yellow, pink, blue, and gray. 500 yen.

This way, you can easily create your favorite color.

And even if you make a mistake, you can try again and again.

This may be the best for children to try.

Ink bottle
Favorite color ink and bottle

Mixing real ink

However, there are those who say that the color ink that can be made with such a simple kit is unacceptable.

Among the things that people are elaborating on, this time there is a place where you can do the ultimate, your own favorite ink color mixing, and I would like to introduce it to you.

We have heard that there are quite a few people who are particular about their fountain pens, but for those who really want their own color ink, this is good news.

Isn’t it fascinating to be able to make your own original ink, ink of your favorite color?

inkstand by KAKIMORI

You can make your own ink at a store called KAKIMORI in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Even though you make your own ink, you do not make it all by yourself.

You mix the original ink and create your favorite color.

If you have an image of the color you like, you can have fun while mixing.

You can create your own color by experimenting with the pen.

Store Information

inkstand by KAKIMORI


1-6-2 San-suji, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0055, Japan

Phone number: 050-3529-6390

Business hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:00-18:00 / Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 11:00-18:00 *Open also on Mondays when it is a national holiday.

ink mazeru, the ink creation service at Isetan Shinjuku

What is “ink mazeru”, an order service on the 5th floor of Isetan Shinjuku?

The word “mazeru” means to mix.

You can mix other inks to create your favorite color at Isetan Shinjuku.

In April 2019, Isetan Shinjuku Store has renewed the section where fountain pens and other writing instruments were placed and opened “Ink Labo” where you can choose and mix your favorite colors and create your original ink by yourself.

You can create your own original ink by mixing 24 colors of ink that have been prepared for you.

With this much available, you can create your favorite color.

At Isetan Shinjuku, there are more than 10,000 colors that can be created. Theoretically, an infinite number of colors should be possible, but there are some colors that cannot be used as ink, so this is probably about right.

After you finish making ink of your favorite color, you will be surrounded by fountain pens, glass pens, and other writing instruments that will fascinate you. Why don’t you buy the one you like?

Address: Isetan Shinjuku 5F Personal Room, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3352-1111 (main number)

Business hours: 10:00 – 20:00

Closed: Open every day (in accordance with the business days of Isetan Shinjuku)

Fee: [Original Ink Making Experience] 18ml bottle ink, 4,400 yen (1 hour required, delivery about 1 hour after the color is decided *Varies depending on the number of customers, reservation required by phone by the day before)

Ink making in Atami

“Onsen Dojo” (Tokigawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture), which operates a hot spring bath facility in the hot spring resort town of Yugawara-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, opened “Ofuro Cafe HITOMA” in Yugawara-machi in December 2023.

At this facility, visitors can try their hand at making ink, and enjoy making more than 900 different colors of ink by combining 9 different raw materials. The ink you make will be bottled on the same day and you can take it home with you.

At “Ofuro Cafe HITOMA,” you can soak in a hot spring bath and eat chazuke (rice with vegetables) using local fish and meat from the Atami area.

Let me explain with an example of KAKIMORI

At Kakimori, multiple inks are mixed to create the desired color (Taito-ku, Tokyo).

Although people write less frequently these days due to digitalization, there continues to be a persistent boom in the use of ink for fountain pens and other products. Some lodging facilities are now offering ink-making experiences to visitors on vacation.

Visitors adjust the color of the ink by dropping it drop by drop, and then repeatedly try out the ink. The “ink stand” service offered by the stationery store Kakimori (Taito, Tokyo) is popular among Japanese, especially among young women in their 20s and 30s.

The best way to find out what kind of mixing method to use is to ask the person in charge at the store.

Choose the color you envision from the color chart provided and let the person in charge know.

I was taught how to select a basic color and then change the proportions of the base so as to bring it closer to the color I prefer.

1. How to mix ink?

  1. Before starting the mixing, look at the color chart with color samples drawn on it and find a color that is close to your image. It is a good idea to consult with the person in charge of the store here.

It is important to create an image of the color you want to create.

For blue, you should complete your ink making with an image of sky blue, or a clear sky blue, a beautiful sky blue that makes you feel better just by looking at it.

If it is a dark grape color, you may want to look for the color you most want to create, such as grape, and blackberry.

I would like to write letters with the image of sky blue with the color I create, so that the atmosphere of a clear blue sky springs out of it.

2. Trial drawing

Ink bottle and pen
Ink bottle and pen(image picture)

Trial writing is vital.

The color of the ink is very different from the color you see when you write with it.

Repeat trial writing as many times as you like to get a rough idea of the color you want.

When you get close to your own color, try drawing lines of various thicknesses with a dip pen and see how the color turns out.

Even with the same ink, the image will differ slightly depending on the thickness of the line.

It may be better to check based on the pen size you want to use.

If you just mix inks of other colors, the color will only get darker and darker.

To make a lighter or paler color, use a thinning solution if you want to make the color lighter or paler.

If you use thinning solution, the darker color will become lighter and lighter, and you will still be willing to mix the colors.

It is a basic resolute, but you should keep a record of the amount of ink you mixed and the amount of thinning solution you used.

If you do not keep a record, you will never be able to reproduce the color you have created.

In other words, you will have to repeat the process of putting a drop of ink, recording it, and then making a trial drawing to see the color.

When the desired color is finally achieved, you hand the paper with the recorded list of ingredients to the person in charge at KAKIMORI.

The KAKIMORI staff member will mix the ink to reproduce the color you have created and bottle it.

You can see how important it is to keep a list of ingredients and recipes on file.

Your recipe is kept in the store for three years, and you can have it made again.

If you bring your own recorded recipe, the same color will be reproduced.


You will have a great day to max your own ink.

The experience of your ink will be unforgettable. The process is not easy but it would be make you happy.