Most Useful and Most Practical Travel Tips in Japan

American foods in Japan

We have American foods from original chain restaurants in Japan.


Hey! We have McDonalds in Japan

The latest debut is McGRAND.
It costs 315 Yen but tastes better.
Better buns and 80 g juicy beef.
But this menu had terminated.
Alsothe serving of Tonkatsu Mac Burger is almost terminated,

MenuJapanese Yen
Big Mac410
Fish Sandwich370
Double Cheese Burger370
Value Set500 – 790
Coffee Large210
Coffee Medium150
Coffee small100
Coke Large250
Coke Medium220
Coke Small100
As of September 30th ,2022


We think all items are a little bit smaller than US size.
Especially drinks.
Medium size in Japan seems Small in US.

The price in Japan seemed more expensive than US price but after the half price sale it becomes even.
If you are from US and miss US food, visit McDonald.
Your homesick will be blown away after a visit of McDonald


Your next choice might be Burger King.
We have a Whopper. It costs you 490 yen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

It may be your favorite Chicken restaurant.

You have same taste as US one’s.

If you have a challenge spirit, try Japanese fried chicken in Japanese restaurant

Baskin Robbins

We have a dessert bar also. If you are fun of an ice cream, it might be a good idea to make a stop at this restaurant. We, Japanese, call it 31;Thirty one.If you want to find it, you may need to ask someone where is “Thirty One ice cream?”..



Many restaurants serve Pizza also.

The size of Pizza is smaller than you expect.

But still it is Pizza.

Pizza Hut

Family Type restaurants


TGI Friday