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Mask holder when you are eating made by paper

mask holder 2 without mask
mask holder 2 without mask
mask holder 2
mask holder with mask

Where you put your mask?

Corona is still rampant. Among them, it is difficult to go to a restaurant, but I found a good product that is useful when I go to a restaurant.

Masks have become an indispensable part of daily life as a preventive measure against infectious diseases of COVID-19. As a countermeasure against COVID-19, it has become a common practice to wear a mask when going out.

However, it is common behavior to remove the mask when eating/drinking at restaurants or bars. The problem is where we can put the mask after removing it. If you have a mask case, you can put it away in it, but almost not everyone has one. In this article, I would like to introduce a solution to the problem of where to put the mask during meals. The recent situation of masks in Japan is that almost 90% of people wear masks when they go out. Even people who are running wear masks. Naturally, when eating out, people leave their masks on until they get to the restaurant.

It is only when the food arrives that they take off their masks and start eating.

Mask holder when you are eating.

The other day, when I went to a restaurant, I was handed a piece of paper.

At that dining time, I found an interesting item.

Rather than a piece of paper, it was more like a double folded paper bag which is made from two sheets of paper.

The paper says that it is a mask holder. You can put your mask in. When you take off your mask for a meal, it’s not always easy to find a place to put it away.

This is where the mask holder comes in handy and very useful. Just put the mask in between the two sheets of paper and keep the mask

there during the meal. It seems that different restaurants have different types of masks holder. It can be difficult to keep the mask in place while eating. Do you want to put it into your bag?

It is not hygienic to put the mask on the table as it is, so keep it off. If you put the outer side of the mask on the table, the germs that you have inhaled and absorbed will stick to the table.

Also, if the inside of the mask is facing the table, the germs on the table will stick to the mask and may get on your mouth.

mask holder
Mask Holder

Prepared Mask holder

If the restaurant has prepared a mask container like this, you can feel

that they are taking precautions against COVID-19 and you can eat with

peace of mind.

It is also a good idea to carry this kind of mask case with you every day

for meals during your trip.

By using this mask container every time, you eat, the people at the

restaurant will recognize you as someone who is taking good care of COVID-19.

mask holder with mask
mask holder with mask

Cozy dining at favourite restaurant

It’s really a small consideration against new disease, but it makes both

you and the restaurant more hygienic and pleasant.

Please enjoy great meals in Japan with mask holder.