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Tuna is safe and healthy?

Tuna is safe and healthy?

When you are in Sushi restaurant, you like to order Tuna, (Maguro).

Tuna is believed as healthy and good to eat. The health agencies in many countries have announced Tuna contains mercury. Unfortunately, Bluefin tuna which I like best has the highest mercury level. Considering this fact you may have the way to enjoy delightful Sushi.


Tuna is the king of fish.

It is a good idea to eat various Sushi-like fishes and shellfish and vegetables. The californian role, Kappa roll, Oshinko roll Tuna is not only Sushi.


Try various sushi same time.

As long as you don’t eat excessive amounts of Tuna it would be safe.

If you are pregnant, it would be better to consult with your doctor about how much you can eat Tuna peace.

Please enjoy Sushi in Japan as much as you like.

Be careful about Shoyu.

You will be very thirsty after you eat sushi because of too much Shoyu (Soy Sause).

Use reduced-sodium Shoyu if they have.

Do not dip whole sushi in Shoyu (Soy Sauce)!