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Rental Wifi Router at Narita Airport

JAL ABC is another option at Narita International Airport.

They have two types of Wifi Routers.

One is Portable Wifi Router and another is USB type.

– Preparation

Make an online reservation in advance by e-mail or phone +81-476-34-6533.

You can order it at the counter if they have stock in the store.

It would be better to make the reservation in advance.

– Pick up the Wifi Router at the ABC shop which is handling airport luggage delivery service.

They locates at the exit after the customs office.

– Return it

Return it at the ABC counter at ABC branches at airports, Narita, Haneda and Kanku.

– Daily service fee

Portable Router Type 1290 Japanese Yen /day

USB Type 980 Japanese Yen /day

– Maximum Data limit in a month

There is no limit of data transmission but

– Transmission speed

Portable Router Type (Service provider is Y Mobile)

Maximum download speed 42 Mbps

Maximum upload speed 5.8 Mbps

USB Type (Service provider is Softbank)

Best effort download speed 42 Mbps

Best effort upload speed 5.8 Mbps

You can use this service to send pictures for instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc without worrying about the cost of data transmission.

The detail information is available from the following URL:

– Note (There is no clear definition the following notes but isn’t it obvious. ) You can not use VPN(Virtual Private Network) with this service and P2P file sharing software.

You can use the VoIP(Voice over the Internet Protocol) like Skype, Line, etc with this service

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