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Anyfone Japan offers Mobile WIFI router in Japan.

About AnyFone Japan

GSM Rentafone Pty Ltd. Japan Branch is the official name of Anyfone Japan.

Anyfone Japan is one of subsidery of GSM company, Sidney Australia.

They have 30 years operations and services in 6 countries.


They ask you to fill out the reservation form.
To make a reservation to click the button using PC or Smartphone.

Dead line to make a reservation
1:00 PM (Japan time), the day before rental start date.
Be careful that Japan time is ahead of you.
In other words, two days before your start to rent a wifi router.


You can cancel freely by three days prior (6:00 p.m. Japan time) to your requested date to pick up.

If you cancel it after the limit date, a cancellation fee may be applied.

Pick up of Wifi Router at Narita Tokyo International Airport.

Pick up at Narita Airport.

They have four offices at the 1st floor of each terminal, Terminal 1, Terminal 2.

Wifi router at counter
Wifi router at counter

What is included in a kit?

Wifi portable router

Battery charger

English manual

  • Wifi portable router
  • Battery charger
  • English manual
  • Case

All in one case..

You may need an additional battery.

Wifi Router rental price

330 yen will be charged as the contract fee for each contract.


They offer insurance for 220 Yen/day.

It covers 50% of the WIFI router loss or damage.

Also, it covers loss and damage of battery charger and case free.

Payment method

Credit card only.

When you make a reservation for a rental Wi-Fi router, you need to register your credit card.

Daily data limit

There is no daily data limit.

It means no speed restrictions.

You can enjoy the maximum speed always.

Number of devices be connected to one wifi router

Maximum 10 devices can be connected to the wifi router.

You can share the network with your friends.

Battery life/Coverage

You can use it for 10 hours of continuous use.

It uses Softbank 4G/LTE network. So, it is well covered all over Japan.


Telephone : +81-3-3560-7346

Office hour 10:00- 17:00 except 13:00-14:00

From web site inquiry form


You may need to rent a translation device.

Anyfone can offer you a translation device option.

  • Mini type
  • TP type
  • “allows hello”
Rebtal fee MINITPallows hello
Translation Device Only500yen/day700yen/day700yen/day
Together with WiFi450yen/day630yen/day]630yen/day]
offline translation
Online translation
Camera translation
Translation device comparison chart

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