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McDonald’s raises the price

 McDonald’s price hike?

McDonald's Logo
McDonald’s Logo

Also! McDonald’s raises prices on January 16, 2023. Hamburgers to ¥170, Chicken Crisp to ¥180.

To those who love McDonald’s

Sad news, it is!

After two price hikes last year (March and September in 2022), McDonald’s has announced that it will revise the retail prices (including tax) of about 80% of its items starting Monday, January 16, 2023. This is another price revision in such a short period of time.

Since many materials are imported, it must be necessary to raise prices so much for McDonald’s.

Here is a report on this price increase. The actual price increase will be effective from Monday, January 16, 2023.

McDonald's Gran Club house sandwich (not available)
The picture of McDonald’s Gran Club house sandwich (Not available now)

100 yen drinks will become 120 yen

McDonald’s famous 100 yen drinks are no longer available.

Until now, coffee, tea, pop, etc. were 100 yen, so you could casually drop by and enjoy a cup of coffee.

It will be a little more difficult to go to McDonald’s for a short break, have a good cup of coffee, use the Internet, and regain your energy until your next destination.

Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s

Free WIFI at Mac’s is still available.

It is a valuable Free WIFI access point, so there is no reason not to use it.

If a cup of coffee costs 100-120 yen, the Free WIFI access point at McDonald’s is well worth it.

McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

Detail price raise

McDonald’s has announced that it will revise the retail prices (including tax) of approximately 80% of its items starting Monday, January 16, 2023. The price increases will be 10 yen to 50 yen for individual burgers, Value Sets, Hirumakku(Lunch McDonald set), and drinks, 120 yen for 15-piece Chicken McNuggets, and 150 yen for extra large Potato Nuggets.

News from official message

McDonald’s has just raised prices twice in 2022, in March and September. The company states that the price revision is the result of “careful consideration in response to the recent sharp rise in raw material prices, labor, logistics, and energy costs, as well as the impact of rapid exchange rate fluctuations.

This is a pretty steep price increase.

Hamburger to 170 yen, Chicken Crisp to 180 yen

With this revision, hamburgers will be 170 Yen, chicken crisps 180 Yen, and morning mac sausage muffins 180 Yen. On the side menu, fries will be ¥90 Yen for an S size, and 5 pieces of Chicken McNuggets will be 240 Yen.

In addition, only the Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger, which use two beef patties, will be available as a single item for 200 yen.

Other menu items that will see price revisions are as follows

Product NameOld price
New Price
Chicken Crisp150180
Big Mac® Double Cheeseburger410450
Double Thick Beef with Seared Soy Sauce500550
Bacon Tomato Thick Beef490540
Hiramaq® (Teriyaki McBurger, Filet-O-Fish)550600
Lunch mac® (double cheeseburger/teriyaki chicken fileo)570620
Lunch Mac (Big Mac)600650
Chicken Crisp Muffin180190
Sausage Muffin150180
Egg McMuffin® (Egg McMuffin®)220240
McGriddle® Sausage200230
McFried Potatoes® S size160190
McFried Potatoes® M size290330
McFried Potatoes® Large340380
Chicken McNugget® 5pcs.200240
Chicken McNugget® 15pcs.590710
Premium roast coffee (hot or iced) Small:100120
Premium roast coffee (hot or iced) Medium:150180
Premium roast coffee (hot or iced) Large:210250
Carbonated drinks Small100120
Carbonated drinks Medium220240
Carbonated drinks Large]250270
McShake® (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) Small:140150
McShake® (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) Medium:200220
Potenage Large (Lx1 McFries, 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets®)500600
Potenage Extra Large (2 large McFried Potatoes, 15 pieces of Chicken McNuggets)800950
Double Burger (Big Mac Double Cheeseburger)Single+100Single+200
McDonald’s new price


McDonald’s delivery price also is raised on the same day(2023/01/16).