Most Useful and Most Practical Travel Tips in Japan

Money Exchange vending machine

When you need Japanese Yen during sightseeing?

There are various vending machines nowadays in Japan. There are vending machines that convert foreign currency into Japanese yen. When you are on a trip in Japan and your money is getting lesser and lesser, you may feel a bit nervous. This is a service that can be used in such cases.

As a general reminder for vending machines. 

  • The bills must be clean and tight.
  • Please note that wrinkled bills will not be accepted by the machines.
  • Only bills can be exchanged.

Automatic Foreign Currency Exchange Service

This is an automatic foreign currency exchange machine that you can buy foreign currency from your foreign currency to Japanese Yen in multiple languages instruction including English, Chinese, and Korean etc.

This is a convenient service that can be easily used by foreigners traveling to Japan.

Main Features of the Automatic Foreign Currency Exchanger

  1. Available in 12 major currencies (It can accept your currency. Amazing!!)
  2. Display user guide in 15 languages
  3. Multilingual call center support available 24 hours a day in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  4. No need for personal ID like a passport.

This is helpful service. Imagine if the machine stacks in the process!

Locations where you can withdraw

Locations in TOKYO

Asakusa Kaminarimon dori

Asakusa Kaminarimon mae

Komagata 1-chome

Shinjuku 5-chome

Shinjuku Shokuan dori

Shinjuku Yasukuni dori

Nishi Asakusa 1-chome

Henna Hotel Tokyo Asakusa Tawaramachi

Locations in KYOTO

Kawaramachi Sanjo

Kawaramachi Takoyakushi

Gion Shirakawa

Kyoto Eki mae

Kyoto Tower mae

Shijyo Kawaramachi Nishi

Shijyo Kiyamachi Kita

Shijyo Kiyamachi Minami

Shijyo Hanamikoji

 Locations in OSAKA

Amemura sankaku kouen mae

Kawarayamachi 2-chome

Kuromon Ichiba mae

Shimanouchi 2-chome

Sennichimae 1-chome

Namba 1-chome

Nihombashi 1-chome

Minamisenba 2-chome

Hotel Royal Classic Osaka

Links Umeda

Locations in Yokohama


The Yokohama World Porters

The Yokohama Hakurankan (at Yokohama China town)

Locations in Kamakura

Enoshima Island Spa (Enoshima Hotel)

Kamakura Orgel Doh (Music box shop)

How to use the auto exchange machine

Very easy and simple process to exchange your currency within 1 minute

  1. Select language on the menu
  2. Select “Smart Exchange”
  3. Select your currency
  4. Push confirmation button
  5. Be Displayed the amount of your currency to insert
  6. Insert the displayed amount of notes.
  7. Push “withdraw” button
  8. Notes come first then take them.
  9. Then coins come then take them.
  10. Then coins come then take them.

That’s all. Very easy process isn’t it!

Click here for more detail.

Enjoy your trip in Japan!!