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Yokohama free wifi situation


All over Japan, local governments are providing free wifi for tourists visiting Japan. However, if you really want to use it freely and without interruption, a wifi router seems to be mandatory for sightseeing in Japan.

Yokohama city supplies free Wi-fi

Among the local government activities, we would like to introduce the efforts of the City of Yokohama.
Yokohama City is the second-largest metropolis in terms of population and is home to tourist attractions such as Chinatown, the Ramen Museum, and the Landmark Tower.
The location is close to Tokyo, it attracts many tourists.

This free Wi-Fi service is provided by Yokohama city, but you will not be able to browse freely and without interruption on these free Wifi services.
It is a good idea to use free WIFI services from other coffee shops, convenience stores, stores, etc. in combination.
However, if you really want to use the internet service and without interruption, a wifi router seems to be a necessity for sightseeing in Japan.

Yokohama Transportation Free Wi-Fi” is provided by the Yokohama City Transportation Bureau.
The “Yokohama Transportation Free Wi-Fi” provided by the Yokohama City Transportation Bureau offers free Wi-Fi to all customers using the city’s transportation system, enhancing the convenience of buses and subways.

Locations: All stations of the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line and Green Line, and some buses (Bayside Blue, Akai-Kari, Burari Sankeien BUS, Pier Line, and Passenger Boat Shuttle Bus).

Check how to log in before using the service.

When you select the Transportation Bureau’s original Wi-Fi (SSID: Yokohama Transportation Free Wi-Fi) on the Wi-Fi setting screen of your smartphone or other devices, the login page will open.
You can log in by registering your SNS account or e-mail address.
Anyone can use this service free of charge when using the city transportation system.
The service lasts 30 minutes per trip and can be used up to 7 times per day.

This service is quite modest for Japan’s second-largest municipality.

Available services District Available area by Yokohama city

Free wifi image
Free wifi image


Minato Mirai 21 District
Grand Mall Park
Nihonmaru Memorial Park
Sakuragicho Station Square
Rinko Park
Yokohama Station District
Yokohama Station Kita Passageway
Yokohama Minami Passageway
Yokohama City Libraries
Yokohama City Ward Offices

In city buses.
In subway stations
NTT Docomo “docomo WiFi” ● KDDI “au Wi-Fi SPOT


If Yokohama city aims to be a tourist city, we think it would be good to install more free WIFI systems.
It seems that you still need to have a portable Wi-Fi router.