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The Mysterious Triangular Box in the Elevator (Triangular prism)

Emergency box in elevator3
Emergency box in elevator3

When you use elevators in Japan for business, shopping, eating or drinking, have you ever noticed a box in elevators?

What kind of box do you think it is?

This is a box called an emergency box for a disaster. There are various types of boxes, and they contain items that are useful in times of disaster.

Many emergency goods in a box

Inside the box, there are many things that are useful in case of an earthquake and other disasters.

In the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake, the elevator you are riding in may stop and you may be trapped inside. Right after a disaster, elevators are supposed to stop at the most recent floor.

However, if the electricity stops or something occurs, that function will also be lost. When you are trapped in an elevator, it is very difficult to open the door by hand.

If the elevator stops in the middle of a floor, it will be even more difficult to open the doors.

To prepare for such a situation, emergency goods set contains items that will help you “wait for rescue in the elevator” rather than “escape from the elevator”. In such an event, it is essential to wait for help to arrive in the elevator without panicking.

When you are trapped in an elevator, the most difficult thing to do is to use the toilet.

There are many things inside, but the most worrisome thing is the toilet.
You can use the items in this kit to make a simple toilet, which will give
you peace of mind. For women, there is a poncho in the box to hide. This box can also be used as a chair for one person. If you are tired of standing, it can be useful.

No triangular pillar box?

Emergency box in elevator3
Emergency box in elevator3

Disaster emergency boxes are generally triangular pillar-shaped and placed in corners, but there are also flat-shaped disaster emergency boxes, which are placed along the wall.
The emergency supplies inside the box are almost the same as those in the triangular pillar type.
It is a good idea to check which type of emergency box is installed every time you get on an elevator.

Inside of the box

The contents are written on the surface of the box, so it is better to

check the contents first.

First of all, it’s dark, so you need to find a flashlight inside. Or, you can check the box with your own smartphone as a flashlight.

The following is just a sample of what you will find in the box.

  • Hand-cranked rechargeable light

It has a hand crank, and when you turn the handle by hand in a
circular motion, you can charge it and make it brighter for a while.
It does not use batteries, so it can be used as long as you turn the handle and charge it.

  • Emergency drinking water (500ml)

When you are trapped, the second thing you will want is to drink
water. You don’t know how long it will take to rescue you in the elevator,
so it’s better to plan to drink it and share it with your company.

  • Emergency food

The longer you are trapped in a small space, the more you will want to

eat. This is light food like a cracker, but you feel that it tastes really good when you are hungry.

  • Emergency toilet bag

When you are trapped, the most important thing you need is a toilet. This can be useful.
It has chemical medicine in it, hardens urine, and contains deodorant as well.

  • Poncho

A poncho can be used for a variety of purposes, such as covering
the body when a woman uses the toilet or wearing it when it is cold.

Poncho to cover your body
Poncho to cover your body
  • Aluminum blanket
    • The blanket can be used to cover the body when it is cold.
  • Whistle

When the power goes out and you are trapped in a darkened room, a whistle can be used to notify the outside that someone is inside and to call for help.
You can shout loudly, but shouting continuously will consume a lot
of your energy. In such a case, you can let people know by blowing the whistle at
certain intervals. According to an experiment, the sound of a whistle can be heard
from as far as 10 floors away.

  • First aid supplies
    • If you are not injured, you can use them.
  • Chemical light

The chemical light is inside which you use at the concert. It has two kinds of chemicals in it, and when you twist it lightly, the separator container inside breaks and the two substances mix together and glow as a result of the chemical reaction. When the power goes out and it is pitch black, just twist it to make the room bright, which is useful for seeing things for a while. The length of time it will glow depends on the model, but it is
expected to glow for at least several hours.

  • Plastic fan

It is said that when there are many people in a small space, the temperature inside rises due to the body heat of the people. In summer, when the power goes out, the air conditioner stops working and it gets hotter and hotter inside. In such hot weather, you can use a fan to create a breeze and cool down. It is useful in hot weather.

Every time you get on an elevator, it is a good idea to check which type of emergency box is installed.

The specifications are designed to be used only in times of disaster, so you cannot see the contents. It would be a relief to be able to confirm that the box is there.