Most Useful and Most Practical Travel Tips in Japan

Money exchange at an international airport

This is an ATMs at SevenEleven stores
Auto Exchange machine

Each region has international airports.

And each international airport has exchange facilities.

Mainly local banks in each region have a branch office at the airport.

But in addition to the local banks, the convenience store chain, one of the examples is Seven Bank, which are widely spread throughout this area.

So, you don’t need to worry about finding the money exchanging facilities and have much trouble exchanging your money at the facilities in the airport.

It would be good news for the travellers to Japan including you.

Here is a list of each airport and links to the money exchanging facilities.

Regional airport name
Hokkaido New Chitose Airport (Sapporo)
Hokkaido Hakodate Airport
Hokkaido Asahikawa Airport
Tohoku Sendai Airport
Tohoku Akita Airport
Tohoku Niigata Airport
Tohoku Aomori Airport
Tohoku Fukushima Airport
Kanto Narita International Airport
Kanto Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Hokuriku Toyama Airport
Hokuriku Komatsu Airport
TokaiChubu International Airport (Nagoya)
Kinki Kansai International Airport (Osaka)
Kinki Hiroshima Airport
Kinki Okayama Airport
Kinki Yonago Airport
Shikoku Takamatsu Airport
Shikoku Matsuyama Airport
Kyushu Fukuoka Airport
Kyushu Aso Kumamoto Airport
KyushuKita Kyushu Airport
Kyushu Nagasaki Airport
Kyushu Miyazaki Airport
Kyushu Kagoshima Airport
Okinawa Naha Airport

Have a great time in Japan!