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Nadai Fuji Soba

“Nadai Fuji Soba”, a buckwheat noodle restaurant, is popular with overseas visitors to Japan.


As people are saying they are friendly for foreigners, there is also a menu of English. Amazing!!! For buckwheat and of course, you must buy a ticket with a vending machine. The number is written on the English menu on shows which button of the vending machines for the meal. So just remember the number and press the number on the ticket vending machine.

The kindness of this restaurant is also

shown in the following situation.


For the set menu, you can choose one noodle from among hot Soba, cold Soba, hot Udon noodles, chilled Udon noodles. Sometimes foreigners are struggling without knowing the difference of these type of noodles, when a counter person shows a sheet of paper which explains the differences of the noodles with four types of photos, the customer can easily choose the one they like to have. The difference between buckwheat noodles, udon, cold noodles, and warm noodles is difficult to understand, but you can understand well when you are shown them in the picture. Seeing such behaviors of the counter person, foreigners can their order with ease with full of peaceful face. The customers are saved with such a kindness mind, “Omotenashi”. The number may vary each restaurant. Please check the number on-site. Most attractive point is the price. The price is also very friendly for foreigners. Approximately with 500 yen, you can eat foods almost your stomach swells. They are handling Japanese Soba, Japanese Udon, Ramen, Curry rice, Rice Bowl etc. During lunch time, you can get a better deal for lunch special. For example, Soba in hot soup is 300 yen and mini Katsu-don is 360 ye, So mini katsu-don set menu becomes 660 Yen but actual price is 560 yen. Thanks Fiji-Soba.