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Komehyo opens a flagship store in Ginza

Komehyo opens a flagship store in Ginza

Komehyo store at Ginza (Photo by Google)

The weak yen is very good news for tourists from overseas, but even with the weak yen, Komehyo has renewed and opened a store in Ginza to cater to the needs of overseas tourists who still want to “get good things for a little less” and “take good care of things and make good use of them.
Originally, Komehyo was a pawn shop, and has long been in the business of buying things.
Originally, as a pawn shop, the business was to deposit one’s own items, borrow money, and when the money was ready, take the items to the pawn shop and have them returned. However, if the money cannot be returned by the due date, it is called “pawning,” and the items entrusted to the pawnshop become the property of the pawnbroker.
The pawnbroker has no choice but to keep the money, so they cash it in and makes some money.
This is the business of Japanese pawn shops.
Therefore, good items are displayed in the store, and if you find an item you like, you can buy it at a much lower price than at a brand-name store.

Quality of used goods

Many of the used Japanese goods sold by these stores are of good quality and have a good reputation.
                                                                                                                                                This is because many Japanese people use things very carefully. It is the spirit of “Mottainai” as you may hear.

Some of them look like they have hardly been used and look completely new.
Also, the best quality items come with all the accessories and other items that came with the brand-name item when it was bought. Some are unused, etc.
If there are any scratches, they will check them carefully at the appraisal stage.
If there are any scratches, they are clearly marked as “scratched,” and the shop will tell you where the scratches are on the tags.
If you are satisfied with these scratches and the price, it is really a good deal.

With the recent spread of the SDGs and changing values, there is a growing focus on reused goods.
In particular, for brand-name products and other high-unit-price reused goods, a sense of security and trust in the condition and authenticity of the product is important, and real stores are becoming increasingly valuable when making purchases.
This is because people can actually hold the product in their hands, observe it carefully, and buy it if they like it.

Shopping with your hands in the Komehyo store

The newly opened “KOMEHYO GINZA” is the relocated store of the former “KOMEHYO Ginza Store” which had been located along Miyuki-dori in Ginza 5-chome for about 11 years.
The grand opening was January 19, 2023 (Thursday) on Ginza’s Chuo-dori Avenue, which is lined with long-established department stores and luxury brand flagship stores.

Newly opened “KOMEHYO GINZA”

It is not often that one buys expensive brand-name goods online, but after browsing the brand-name flagship stores, one can casually pick up and try on the brand-name items of their dreams at KOMEHYO GINZA, a shopping experience that only a real reuse store can offer.
If you don’t like it, you can simply go to the brand-name flagship store.

At Komehyo, these items transcend brand boundaries, allowing you to pick up and compare a wide range of items from vintage to the latest models.
You can even pick up and try on rare vintage items that are worth looking at.

Customers who want to consider reusing items when shopping in Ginza will discover the pleasure of finding things that can be used for a long time and reused items.

Naturally, you can also sell your bags and other merchandise at Komehyo if you want to.
You can have them appraised and if the purchase price is acceptable, you can sell them.
You will need to provide proof of identity when you sell the item.

Sell your goods

Naturally, you can also sell your bags and other merchandise at Komehyo if you want to.
You can have them appraised and if the purchase price is acceptable, you can sell them.
You will need to provide proof of identity when you sell the item.

Features of KOMEHYO GINZA                             

In the store where you can easily try on brand-name products

On the first floor, the staff carefully selects the most popular brands and other coveted standard items, and displays as many items as possible in an easy-to-handle manner. Visitors can casually try on high-quality items that can be used for a long time.
Taking advantage of the casual nature of reused products, the store responds to customer needs such as “I wanted to try it once” in an area crowded with luxury brand flagship stores.
Display of products that can be easily picked up.

On the 2nd floor, selected items are gathered from KOMEHYO’s extensive inventory over a period of about a year, taking advantage of the abundant volume of items handled, which is one of KOMEHYO’s strengths.
The items on display and for sale include items that can only be found once every few years in all KOMEHYO stores, rare items that have never been in stock before, and other works of art that are worth looking at alone.
It is called KOMEHYO MUSEUM.
Museum pieces” of premium products with a maximum selling price of 70 million yen.
Prior to the opening of KOMEHYO GINZA, “KOMEHYO MUSEUM” will be opened to introduce these products, including items on display, along with their birth stories. The information will be archived after the sale.

Store Data

Store image from Komehyo

 7-18, Ginza 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number:
(Direct) +81-3-5539-6100
Hours of operation:
 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Open year-round
Items handled:
 Bags, Jewelry, Watches, Fashion
 Sales, purchase
Number of items:
 Approximately 2,000 items are sold in the store.

Summary of Komehyo Ginza

Komehyo is working to improve the value of the reuse market in order to make reuse more accessible, convenient, and secure.
The company’s expert appraisers check the authenticity and quality of brand-name products, and carefully maintain the products before they are put on the shelves.
You feel comfortable.

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