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MUJI and Lawson corroboration

Convenience store Lawson

MUJI and Lawson work together

As informed, 7-Eleven has started selling Daiso products and other moves have been made at Lawson. It is great news for travelers to Japan to pick some gifts and souvenirs.

MUJI is one of the brands to supply various good and reasonable products as you may know.

What is MUJI?


MUJI is a brand that was born in Japan in 1980 as a quality product consisting of a wide range of clothing, household goods, and food products. Today, MUJI has more than 700 stores worldwide and offers more than 7,000 items.
MUJI means “good products without any mark”.

MUJI’s concept is based on the same three principles

MUJI’s idea is to create pleasant, low-priced products in many ways by thoroughly streamlining the production process.
Specifically, MUJI is reexamining its products through “selection of materials,” “inspection of processes,” and “simplification of packaging”.
For an example of paper, if the process of bleaching pulp, the raw paper material, is omitted, the paper is not bleached and becomes a light beige color instead of white.
MUJI uses this as a packaging material, labels, and so on. MUJI uses these ideas to make its products. MUJI is also famous overseas, so some of you may know MUJI.

MUJI at Lawson convenience store

Some MUJI products are now sold in the Lawson chain of convenience stores.

A MUJI section at stores has been specially created to distinguish them from other Lawson handling products.

Products items from MUJI

30 retort-packed confectionery and food products

Stationery, daily necessities, socks, cosmetics, etc., totaling 170 items.

In addition to about 170 daily necessities, including stationery, cosmetics, and socks, the company will also sell about 30 food items, including retort-pouch curry and confectionery.

Lawson and MUJI

Lawson has been introducing MUJI products on a trial basis since June 2020 and currently sells them at about 110 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area. By placing “MUJI” products, which are well-known and can attract customers, the company aims to increase the number of customers visiting its stores.

Convenience stores are also diversifying to aim for greater customer convenience, and Lawson’s decision to carry MUJI products is part of this diversification.

Lawson aims to begin carrying MUJI at 14,000 stores, which is almost all of Lawson stores, by the end of 2023.

It is said that LAWSON and MUJI will further expand the product lineup and begin joint development of original products for both companies.

Of course, Lawson has a competitive ATM service to Seven-Eleven.

With similar operations and services, you can withdraw Japanese YEN with your international credit card.

Many of the products, such as cosmetics, are ideal as souvenirs, adding to Lawson’s appeal.

If you are planning to make a tax-free purchase, you should check in advance whether the Lawson you are visiting offers a tax-free service.

Have a good shopping experience in Japan.