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Pupuru Mobile

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About Pupuru Mobile

Pupuru International Inc. offers mobile Wi-Fi service for travellers in Japan and SIM Card. Pupuru International Inc. is one of the ISPs (Integrated Service Provider) in Japan and supplies comprehensive communication services.


You can make a reservation with their website.

You need to put your request three days prior to the pick-up date.

They may accept an urgent request with a call or e-mail one day prior to the rental schedule date.


You can cancel your reservation 4 days prior to the usage start date without any compensation fee.

3,000 Japanese Yen would be charged to you after the cancellation due date.

Pick up of wifi router

You can pick the wifi router up at the counter at major airports.

  • Haneda International Airport

You need to go to the JAL ABC counter at the arrival lobby.

  • Kanasai International Airport

You need to go to the JAL ABC counter(1F).

  • Chubu Centrair International Airport (currently closed)

Yamato transport, 1st floor 6:30 -21:30 (Monday – Friday)


Check airport counter business hours.

Wifi router at counter
Wifi router at the counter

Return of wifi router

You can return the package to the mailbox.

Pupuru prepares a prepaid envelope to put the wifi unit.

Just put the package into the envelope and put it in a mail post.

It is one choice to return it at an airport when you are returning by air.

Every airport has at least one post.

Another choice is a post in town. Posts locate anywhere in Japan

Wifi router rental price (Pupuru Mobile)

Plan A for high speed- 500 Japanese Yen/day  (excluding tax) Now special half price of normal price of 1,000 JPY!

Ultra-high-speed WiFi router and good for city area

It is useful to watch movies sometimes. They use SoftBank HWS11.

It is recommended to use the wifi device in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo and City areas

Plan B for wide area support 900 Japanese Yen/day  (excluding tax) Now special discount on normal price of 1,000 JPY!

Wider coverage and good for suburban areas

Excellent Wi-Fi with a high communication speed and wide area. AU network HWD11

Recommended for Throughout Japan usage

Additional fee

They will charge 1,000 Japanese Yen as a shipping fee.


A set of wifi router consists of a router, an AC adapter, a USB cable, an English manual and a returning envelope in a small pouch.

You may need an extra portable battery.

Mobile battery costs you 50 Japanese Yen/day and can charge the wifi router 3 times.

The battery life of the wifi router is told 8 hours. It is a point to think whether you should take it or not.


In a case of loss, theft or damage of devices, you are supposed to have a responsibility for all lost or damaged during the rental period.

For those worried about losing or damaging the device. There are two types of insurance:

A) Standard Insurance 100JPY/day

B) Premium Insurance 300JPY/day

PriceCoverage RateDamagedLost
A) Standard Insurance100JPY/Day50~80%8,000 JPY20,000 JPY
B) Premium Insurance300JPY/Day100%00
No insurance00%40,000 JPY40,000 JPY

Daily data limit

Unlimited data with AU or SoftBank network

Using LTE 4G network

Payment method

Credit card only

VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Number of devices be connected to one wifi router?

10 devices


Telephone number: + 81-3-3560-9566)

COVID-19 message
COVID-19 message

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